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Niagara Tours from Toronto_

In this section we will try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you still have further questions you can e-mail us at info@niagaratours.ca.


Most Asked Questions_

1. What is the price of the tour?
2. When does the tour run? 
3. Where does the tour pick-up from?
4. Do I have to book in advance.
5. Is lunch included?
6. Are night tours available?
7. What is your cancellation policy?
8. What does Niagara mean?
9. When is Niagara Falls closed?
10. How do I pay?
11. What hotels do you pick up from?



Tour Price of $79 Canadian Aprox. Tour Price in US, UK, and EURO
Niagara Horseshoe Falls
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                     7. What is your cancellation
Since you do not have to pay
    until the day of the tour, you can cancel

 8. What does Niagara mean?  The word “Onguiaahra” appears on maps as early as 1641. Both it, and the later version “Ongiara”, are Native words generally interpreted as meaning “The Strait” or “Great Throat”, although the more romantic “Thunder of Waters” is sometimes given. By the time the first white man arrived at the Falls, the name in general use was “Niagara”.

Niagara Falls at night

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9. When is Niagara Falls closed? Niagara Falls is open all year.  However, the Maid of the Mist stops running during the winter (November to March).
10. How do I pay? You do not have to pay when you are making an online reservation.  Payment is made on the day of the tour to the tour guide. We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, and American Express.

11. What Hotels do you pick-up from? We offer door-to-door pick-up and return from any Toronto hotel listed on http://trivago.ca/.


Ontario Canada

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